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FI Network Expansion Platform

iSMARTS/axis FI Network Expansion is a next-generation, customer focused multi-channel transaction processing system which provides comprehensive, feature rich components to on-board and maintain several partners including partner banks, clearing systems and clients.

On-board Network Partners Efficiently

The solution supports and facilitates on-boarding network partners by reducing effort to map data stream to/from each external system / client / partners, with necessary validation rules and workflows without changes to core systems and processes.

Support for Multiple Connectivity Profiles

The solution support for various connectivity options such as APIs, MQ, SFTP, SMS, Email, H2H etc. Allows defining and managing various connectivity profiles through easy to use user interface to connect with network partners.

Workflow and Routing Mechanisms

The solution supports configurable workflow mechanisms and routing definitions based on multiple criteria for releasing transactions to network partners in specific format and security specifications.

Track SLAs & Exceptions Proactively

The solution supports tracking and monitoring of partner bank and cross impact system transaction flows through live monitoring dashboard and helps track SLAs and identify possible exceptions proactively.

Target Industries

Banking & Finance, FMCG, Airlines, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Logistics & Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, Electronics & Hi-Tech, Manufacturing & Distribution, Insurance, Transport, Travel & Tourism and Infrastructure etc.

Target Segments

Banks, Financial Institutions, MNCs, SMEs, Public Sector, Corporate Sector, Services & Utilities, Government Sector etc. 

Deployment Options

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-premise Deployment Options. Term License, White-label and Solution as a Service License / Subscription Models.

Technology Support

Standard Operating Systems, Standard Web Browsers, J2EE Application Servers, Standard Relational Databases, Enterprise Middleware.