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FI Network Expansion Platform

  • iSMARTS/axis NEP supports multiple file formats & security stacks and interworks with FI/bank's back office system, channels, client systems and external systems such as partner banks in different countries. The application on-boarding platform, service workflows, data transformation engine, approval matrices and reconciliation templates can be configured with user friendly GUI.
  • iSMARTS/axis NEP provides comprehensive, feature rich components to onboard and maintain several partners with associated data files/messages and process by associating with predefined workflow, data rules and destination channel/format as and when they are input to the engine.
  • The solution provides comprehensive support for multi-level corporate hierarchy, transaction pre/post processing capabilities, web-based transaction approval and authentication mechanisms, workflow features, information delivery channels and business intelligence reporting.
Our Solutions

Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

FI On-boarding

Bank / Client On-boarding

Support for multiple messages (Standard & Custom) & file formats

Online Remittance Initiation

Data Transformation & Routing

Process Control Workflow

Data Enrichment Capabilities

Transaction Matching & Reconciliation


Transaction Monitoring Dashboards

Advanced Enquiry and Reporting

Exception handling

Alerts & Notifications

Mobile Application & SMS based Authentications

The solution is based on scalable J2EE architecture using open systems deployment platform. The solution works in a collaborative manner. It is supplemented with other technology and integration products such as iSMARTS. The solution is available on Oracle and IBM technology components for RDBMS and Application platform and NT/Linux operating systems.