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EDIX Integration Platform

EdiX is an integration platform that simplifies the complexity of integration scenarios. EdiX reduces the complexity of integration, whether for business process integration or for financial systems integration and whether integrating heterogeneous applications within the organization or among various organizations.

Improved Collaborative Practices

The platform supports in fulfilling Business Process Integration (BPI) and Financial Systems Integration (FSI) initiatives in a collaborative, flexible, efficient and strategic manner with configurable tools and advanced integration accelerators.

Simplified & Accelerated Integration

The platform reduces integration efforts for collaborative business processes and auto-manual workflow requirements in a flexible manner to provide desired business process integration functionality in a robust and effective manner.

Diversified Integration Models

The platform provides integration modules & tools such as ERP adapters, configurators, translators, connectivity and security profile etc., which help in mapping interface processes and information flows between applications for different scenarios.

Accelerators to support Banks and FIs

The platform provides advanced features to support multi-party financial systems integration for achieving collaborative abilities among a wide spectrum of services and applications across various banks and financial institutions.

Target Industries

Banking & Finance, FMCG, Airlines, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Logistics & Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, Electronics & Hi-Tech, Manufacturing & Distribution, Insurance, Transport, Travel & Tourism and Infrastructure etc.

Target Segments

Banks, Financial Institutions, MNCs, SMEs, Public Sector, Corporate Sector, Services & Utilities, Government Sector etc. 

Deployment Options

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-premise Deployment Options. Term License, White-label and Solution as a Service License / Subscription Models.

Technology Support

Standard Operating Systems, Standard Web Browsers, J2EE Application Servers, Standard Relational Databases, Enterprise Middleware.