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Interface Management (EdiX/TAI)

  • This is a multithreaded structured access platform that supports communication, transport and application support for internet enabling of traditional air-industry specific systems such as flight availability and reservation systems (CRS).
  • It supports traditional airline environments such as Airline Link Control (ALC), IATA HTH and also SITA and compatible networks. It allows applications to be launched, which can work with existing Mainframe and TPF based systems using ALC/IATA/Type-B messaging and access environments and also three tier internet environments using EDIFACT and XML messaging.
  • It also supports interfacing and co-existence of existing traditional airline environment applications(CRS, Direct Access, Code-Share etc.) with new internet based applications such as (e.g. ticketing, frequent flyer, hotel booking, cruise bookings car-rentals etc.). Most importantly it allows progressive migration of old applications to new environment during the period of co-existence.
  • It allows airline and CRS industry to protect their investment and market share based on traditional way of doing things at the same ensuring that most of the new investment is done in new platforms technology instead of mainframe and airline specific mechanisms.
  • It allows tapping the power of internet for acquiring new strengths without losing position of strength based on traditional protected environments. It allows internet enabling old and new applications in a seamless and integrated way.
  • It allows new means of market penetrations and new revenues but lowers the cost of transactions and avoids spending new revenues over old ways. Open-up without lowering guards on intellectual rights and protected environments.
Our Solutions

Integration Product & Interfaceware (SAPIEAS/IPI)

(Based on EdiX/TAI & EdiX/AIS - EdiX verticalized for the Travel & Airline Industry) 

Integration Product & Interfaceware (SAPIEAS/IPI) 
(Based on EdiX/TAI & EdiX/AIS - EdiX verticalized for the Travel & Airline Industry)

This product allows interfacing Open Systems applications based on Unix and RDBMS platform to interface with applications on Airline or CRS host applications (e.g. availability, reservations, ticketing, frequent flyer etc.) in a message oriented manner. 

This product can utilize services of SAPIEAS/CSP and SAPIEAS/ADP but additionally supports IATA-HTH for levels 4-6 and ISO9735 EDIFACT at level 7 (ALC and X.25 levels are taken care by SAPIEAS/CSP). For new generation systems it supports XML and EDIFACT. Subsequently it uses services of configurable extractor and enrichment components to tap into RDBMS resources. This product can be used only on Unix Platform and Oracle RDBMS. 

Certain features of generic EdiX product lines are not available because of constraints imposed by the Airline Specific requirements and also customizations required thereby while optional support for air-line industry specific requirements such as IATA HTH, ALC related translation and filtering, SET A and B of EDIFACT, specifics pertaining to ARINC, CARGOFACT etc can be optionally provided as also the interface requirements of ALC/X.25 via SAPIEAS/CSP interface. 

Other Related Products

Core Subsystem Platform (SAPIEAS/CSP)

ALC (Airline Link Control) devises and streams such as Airline Reservation Terminals, Ticket Printers and Windows based multi-session terminals or streams from ALC hosts such as CRS systems or devices on SITA network. 

This is a niche product that works in environment specific to Airlines and CRS systems. Comsoft is one of the few companies with proven product in this niche area that supports concurrent access from thousands of terminals and provide optimized response-time essential to deploy airline availability and booking applications. This product supports Airline link control access via ALC/X.25 networks that are backbone of the SITA/Airlines/CRS world. This product is available on multiple unix platforms. A multi-port version supporting multiple servers and concurrent processes is proven to work in 24 hour mission critical reservation application in ALC environment on network spread in multiple of countries and also with new generation internet based application accessible globally. 

This subsystem along with one or more of following components facilitates moving of TPF platforms based applications to open systems based tiered applications. 

Application Deployment Platform (SAPIEAS/ADP)

This supports application level interface over the ALC communications Subsystem. It provides support for ALC/CRS application interfacing, open systems applications interfacing, and also internet application server interface. It supports threaded server logic for user transaction handling, application level messaging, presentation logic control, request parsing and interface for business application processing. 

This product allows protection of investment in proprietary Airline technology and customer base while enabling dual access to applications - traditional TPF/CRS access and internet/intranet access. A single application can be developed and deployed on open systems and open protocols and still enable access by both ways Travel Agent/Airline terminals and Web Browsers. 

Both the components are supported on various Unix Platforms and Oracle Environment. 

Variants of these two products were instrumental in facilitating deployment of new multi-tier application on Unix, Oracle RDBMS and appropriate internet application server. The ALC components deployed over multiple servers supported thousands of ALC terminals across different countries in a national award-winning project. (Please See Case Studies). 

Note: All the products above are generally sold through productized services - embedded products along with services against a specific project.