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Receivables and Collections Management Solution

iSMARTS/axis Receivables and Collections Management Solution is fully integrated, flexible solution catering to the requirements of diverse industries. It provides collections consolidation and advanced reconciliation capabilities which help financial institutions and other business entities in providing niche value-added services to their customers for efficient collections and transaction management. It provides collaborative interfacing capabilities resulting in opportunities for new revenue generation models.

Consolidate & Integrate Easily 

The solution provides an integrated platform to facilitate  faster and easy consolidation of Receivables and Collections from multiple business entities and collections channels including banks and third-party Collections agents, in addition to its direct channels.

Reconcile Fast & Efficiently

The solution provides advanced reconciliation features for automatic matching of transactions and streamlining manual-intensive process through configurable rule based reconciliation capabilities for faster and efficient reconciliation of collections. 

Recognize Revenue Early

The solution addresses the challenge of reducing the cycle time from the point of collections to the final destination where it is deposited into a consolidated collections account and also posted to the financial systems for early revenue recognition.

Track & Analyse Intelligently

The solution includes an advanced business intelligence engine to support effective decision making. The business intelligence engine provides graphical analytics, forecasting and reporting including cash flow analysis, collections analysis and decision making reports.

Target Industries

Banking & Finance, FMCG, Airlines, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Logistics & Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, Electronics & Hi-Tech, Manufacturing & Distribution, Insurance, Transport, Travel & Tourism and Infrastructure etc.

Target Segments

Banks, Financial Institutions, MNCs, SMEs, Public Sector, Corporate Sector, Services & Utilities, Government Sector etc. 

Deployment Options

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-premise Deployment Options. Term License, White-label and Solution as a Service License / Subscription Models.

Technology Support

Standard Operating Systems, Standard Web Browsers, J2EE Application Servers, Standard Relational Databases, Enterprise Middleware.