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Information Consolidation and Reporting

  • iSMARTS/axis ICRS provides comprehensive features to collect, validate and enrich financial information received from subsidiaries for the purpose of consolidation and reporting at enterprise level. The Solution provides significant value by enabling flexible, accurate and rapid reporting, and can integrate easily with the existing Enterprise Applications.
  • The solution provides features to consolidate financial statements such as Income statements and Balance sheets and provide the necessary business operational analysis information. The consolidation can be performed on a scheduled basis or on-demand basis at group level, by unit or by any operational dimension such as business area, product or department.
  • The solution encompasses a wide range of functions for managing diverse needs of customers and is built on robust platform that ensures high performance and scalability. The solution can be configured for multi-level authorization workflow process for various transactions based on different parameters such as reporting information, currency and business unit etc.
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Some of the main features and value added benefits include:

Company & Subsidiary Configuration

Financial Statements Configuration

Matching Rules & Validation

Data Reconciliation

Interface to Financial Systems

Data Consolidation Templates

Back Office & Accounting

Auto and Manual Adjustment Entries

Monitoring Dashboards

Advanced Enquiry and Reporting

Multi-Currency Reporting

Alerts & Notifications

The solution is based on scalable J2EE architecture using open systems deployment platform. The solution works in a collaborative manner. It is supplemented with other technology and integration products such as iSMARTS. The solution is available on Oracle and IBM technology components for RDBMS and Application platform and NT/Linux operating systems.