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Digital Banking Platform

iSMARTS/axis Digital Corporate & Retail Banking Platform suite is a fully integrated system that can co-exist with various bank systems. It provides high level of configurability for Electronic Banking Channels and Client Access Mechanisms for managing various corporate and consumer banking functions where the products and services can be customized for specific corporate segment or relationship based on the objectives of the bank and its corporate customer.

Manage Banking Products & Services

The solution supports maintenance of the multiple products offered by the banks which includes funds transfers, investment products such as fixed deposits and individual workflows can be configured for each product.

Initiate Online Secure Transactions

The solution provides comprehensive features for the clients to initiate funds transfer transactions both Local & Overseas with web-based transaction approval and authentication mechanisms and workflow features.

High Productivity Features

The solution provides comprehensive support for customer segments and profiling, multi-level corporate hierarchy, transaction approval and authentication mechanisms, workflow features and information delivery channels for corporate users.

Track & Analyse Intelligently

The solution provides advanced business intelligence through live dashboards, reports and other key metrics on the accounts, holdings, transactions including proactive alerts and notifications.

Target Industries

Banking & Finance

Target Segments

Banks and Financial Institutions

Deployment Options

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-premise Deployment Options. Term License, White-label and Solution as a Service License / Subscription Models.

Technology Support

Standard Operating Systems, Standard Web Browsers, J2EE Application Servers, Standard Relational Databases, Enterprise Middleware.